About us

Alucrom was established in 1953 and offers rust protection with operations in several locations in Sweden, Finland and Poland. The core business is to offer blasting and advanced surface treatment services at our surface treatment shops or to carry out contract projects in the field.  Since 1996, we have been part of Midroc Europe, which today is located at 70 places in Sweden.

Alucrom is close to the customer:

• We understand the needs of our customers, it is always the starting point for our services.
• We are innovative and adapt our work process to meet customer’s needs.
• We protect the interests of our customer’s, we serve in a responsive and flexible manner.
• We organize our professionals into unique competence teams to deliver the greatest possible added value.

The Alucrom’s professionalism:

• We are a partner the customer can trust, we keep our promises, we are efficient and accurate.
• We take a great deal of quality responsibility throughout the entire process, we offer a high degree of customer value and we deliver the final product that has been agreed.
• We have an open attitude which is important to us, we share our knowledge and experience. We want to improve our customer experience using constructive feedback.

Our history